Oiling a bud vase / hollow vessel.

Author: David Lim   Date Posted:30 June 2016 

I am just oiling this bud vase / hollow vessel and I am using OrganOil danish oil. I have sanded it to 1200 grit on the lathe so its now time to oil it.

Oiling is easy. I have decanted the oil into a smaller bottle like this.

I use paper towels rather than cloth.

You can paint on the oil or just wipe it on. Its very straght forward to use.

I tap out the saw dust, then pour in the danish oil into the vase.

Once it is done, you just wipe off with the towel.

I give it a blast of compressed air and another wipe in another 3 or 4 hour.

Oiling you timber project is as easy as that.

OrganOil Danish oil is my choice of finish.


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