EU Made Acrylic Pen Blanks

European Made Pen Blanks.

Some fablous pen blanks made in the UE and distributed through a UK. They are unique and feature lots of man made alternatives.




  • Sharp drills and chisels are vital, check on the sharpness during turning process.
  • Reduce the feed speed and feed rate when drilling the hole. Less downward force and a slower drill speed will reduce the likelihood of blowout.
  • Always use a sharp drill bit.
  • There is a very distinct difference in the sound that is made when the blank is turning smoothly to when pitting is occurring. When this sound occurs I have found it best to reduce the pressure being applied until a nice smooth surface is re-established

  • A highly polished finish can be achieved through the use of a micro mesh polishing kit that includes a grit range up to 12000 grit.


SAFETY POINT: Always turn blanks in a well ventilated area, use dust extraction systems and protection and use protective eyewear.



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