This is video 8 on how I went about producing this Krevnov Style Cabinet. It is based on the article in the Fine woodworking magazine - issue 208. I did some slight modifications to the featured cabinet in the issue - like replacing the glass on the doors with Birds Eye Huon Pine Panels.

So now that the door are complete, we now dry fit the door onto the cabinet. I then mark out where I want all the shelves to fit on the cabinet. With adjustable shelves, you an use these brass pins that goes straight into the timber. Because the cabinet is made of Huon Pine, Huon Pine is quite soft so I didn't to do that. Instead I use these brass ferrels which hold the brass pins in place. We can then glue the cabinets together. Again, I am using Titebond III to hold the cabinet together. Gluing it in place is like making a really large box. These Bessey K Body clamps are much easier to use than pipe clamps. I make sure I check that the cabinet is square before the glue is set.

Once dry, I then fine adjust the doors with a spoke shave and a small block place to fine tune the door so there is a even gap all around. For this project, I could of used off the shelf brass door pulls, but I have instead used home made burl door pulls. I begin with a piece of burl coolabah. I flatten one side then cut it into 2 10mm strips with the band saw. I use the drop saw to cut them to 80mm lengths. I use 2 screws to hold them in place rather than glue them in.

The last step is then sand and oil the cabinet. I use Organ Oil Danish Oil. 2 coats with a 24 to 28 wait between the first and 2nd coat. With this final step, this is the end of this series of videos on how I went about producing this Krevno style cabin. Hopefully you have enjoyed my journey and have been inspired to create something out of wood.

This cabinet will join my collection of hand made furniture pieces that I will pass onto my kids.