WoodRiver Side Rabbet Scraper

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WoodRiver Side Rabbet Scraper

Wood River Planes and Spokeshaves are produced to the highest standards from only the finest materials like precision machined ductile cast iron for bodies, A2 steel for blades and genuine Bubinga for handles, totes and knobs.

Combination planes like the like the Preston 1369 and Record 2506/2506S offered the convenience of two blades into a single plane. The WoodRiver Side Rabbet Plane takes it’s linage from the 2506S and incorporates two manually adjusted blades and an adjustable depth stop.

This handy tool is perfect for cleaning up rebates and grooves, ensuring a proper fit. The plane’s precisely machined body is manufactured from 40cr tool steel with a reversible, adjustable depth stop and features T10 steel blades hardened to RC59-63.The front of the plane is easily removable for conversion to a bull nose configuration for corners and stop dados.

  • 40cr Tool Steel Precisely Machined Body
  • T10 Steel Blades Hardened to RC59-63
  • Removable Nose Permits Conversion to a Bull Nose
  • Configuration
  • Reversible, Adjustable Depth Stop