Wood Turning Books

Complete Guide to Turning Pens & Pencils: Techniques and Projects for Turners of All Levels

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Book Description Putting pen (or pencil) to paper is one thing. Crafting either from scratch is another. Turners looking for professional... More

The Pen Turner's Bible: The Art of Creating Custom Pens

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Book Description Featuring more than 25 pen projects and using the latest hardware kits on the market, this helpful how-to book journeys from... More

Turning Pens and Pencils

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Product Description . Christensen and Burningham, an educator and a crafts editor respectively, have perfected the art of turning finely made pens and... More

The Pen Turner's Workbook: Making Pens From Simple To Stunning

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Product Description Contemporary designs and unique materials come together in this expanded book of projects, ideas, and shop talk for turning out... More

Turning Salt & Pepper Shakers and Mills: 30 Projects for Turners of All Levels

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Book Description: Please pass the salt! And pepper! This first ever book dedicated to turning salt and pepper shakers and mills will guide... More

Dick Sing Returns: Unique and Unusual Pens from the Wood Lathe

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Book Description How to make high quality, beautiful pens and pencils keepsakes, great gifts, and something to make the turner proud. More than 260... More

Segmented Wood Turning ( Schiffer Book for Woodworkers )

CODE: Z0074

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Segmented wood turning is an intriguing new art form. The basic vase project illustrated and described can be completed in a weekend and requires no special... More

Turning Green Wood

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An inspiring and though-provoking guide to the art of turning delicate bowls and goblets from freshly felled, unseasoned wood. Using "green" timber... More

The Frugal Woodturner: Make and Modify All the Tools and Equipment You Need

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Book Description This comprehensive guide covers all the elements needed for setting up and maintaining a personal woodturning shop without breaking... More

The Pen Turner's Workbook: Making Pens From Simple To Stunning - 3rd Edition

CODE: Z0089

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Learn to create - and sell - exquisite custom made pens. If you're looking for exciting pen turning projects and the most up-to-date information available... More

Turned Boxes - 50 Designs

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Book Description/Synopsis: Fifty projects, showcasing an incredible richness of shapes and styles, will appeal to turners who have mastered the basics... More

Pens From The Wood Lathe

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Book Description Pens and pencils made at the wood lathe are becoming increasingly popular. These unique writing instruments are fantastic sellers at... More

Woodturning Wizardry

CODE: Z0068

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Book Description Spheres within spheres, stars within cubes, delicate lattices with no apparent means of support - woodturners over the centuries... More

Segmented Turning - Desing - Techniques - Projects

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Segmented turning--turning an object from a glued-up blank--allows turners to design and create patterns and visual effects in turned pieces. In addition... More

Turning Boxes with Richard Raffan

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Book Description/Synopsis:   Richard Raffan reveals the tricks and tips a woodworker needs to know when turning boxes -- from the cutting and... More

Segmented Turning: A Complete Guide

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Book Description You won’t find a more complete and beautifully illustrated introduction to this spectacular woodworking technique. Every... More

Contemporary Woodturning Techniques & Projects

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Woodturning, a form of woodworking where the wood is moving while a stationary tool is used to cut and shape it, is capturing the attention of crafters... More

Complete Illustrated Guide to Turning Wood

CODE: Z0005

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Product Description Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Turning  features step-by-step descriptions for an abundance of wood turning... More

Turning Bowls with Richard Raffan

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Product Description Turning a bowl may seem daunting, but woodworkers can create beautiful bowls with the expert advice and instructions in this book.... More

Masters Woodturning - Major Works by Leading Artists

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Book Description The lathe used to be a utilitarian tool only, but in the hands of today’s artists woodturning has undergone a beautiful... More