Wood Turning Books

Turning Pens and Pencils

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Product Description . Christensen and Burningham, an educator and a crafts editor respectively, have perfected the art of turning finely made pens and... More

Complete Illustrated Guide to Turning Wood

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Product Description Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Turning  features step-by-step descriptions for an abundance of wood turning... More

The Art of Turned Bowls

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Product Description When first published in 1987, The Art of Turned Bowls was a work ahead of its time. Now, considering the resurgence in popularity... More

Turning Bowls with Richard Raffan

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Product Description Turning a bowl may seem daunting, but woodworkers can create beautiful bowls with the expert advice and instructions in this book.... More

The Pen Turner's Workbook: Making Pens From Simple To Stunning

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Product Description Contemporary designs and unique materials come together in this expanded book of projects, ideas, and shop talk for turning out... More

Pens From The Wood Lathe

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Book Description Pens and pencils made at the wood lathe are becoming increasingly popular. These unique writing instruments are fantastic sellers at... More

Turned Boxes - 50 Designs

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Book Description/Synopsis: Fifty projects, showcasing an incredible richness of shapes and styles, will appeal to turners who have mastered the basics... More

Richard Raffan’s Turning Guides

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Book Description/Synopsis: Taunton's classic books on turning -- Turning Bowls and Turning Boxes -- are now available in a three-volume set which includes... More

Turning Wood with Richard Raffan

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Book Description/Synopsis:   The appeal of woodturning is simple: with only a few hand tools and a lathe, remarkable results can be quickly... More

The Woodturners FAQ Book

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Book Description/Synopsis:   Aimed at beginning turners, this woodturning primer covers all the basics needed to get started, such as what... More

Turning Salt & Pepper Shakers and Mills: 30 Projects for Turners of All Levels

CODE: Z0023

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Book Description: Please pass the salt! And pepper! This first ever book dedicated to turning salt and pepper shakers and mills will guide... More

Dick Sing Returns: Unique and Unusual Pens from the Wood Lathe

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Book Description How to make high quality, beautiful pens and pencils keepsakes, great gifts, and something to make the turner proud. More than 260... More

The Pen Turner's Bible: The Art of Creating Custom Pens

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Book Description Featuring more than 25 pen projects and using the latest hardware kits on the market, this helpful how-to book journeys from... More

The Frugal Woodturner: Make and Modify All the Tools and Equipment You Need

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Book Description This comprehensive guide covers all the elements needed for setting up and maintaining a personal woodturning shop without breaking... More

Woodturning Evolution: Dynamic Projects for You to Make

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Book Description Two of the country's leading woodturners, Nick Agar and David Springett, have collaborated to produce this new and exciting book.... More

Segmented Turning: A Complete Guide

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Book Description You won’t find a more complete and beautifully illustrated introduction to this spectacular woodworking technique. Every... More

New Masters of Woodturning - Expanding the Boundaries of Wood Art

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Description In this unique collection of contemporary art that has redefined the limits of shaped wood, crafters and designers alike are treated to a... More

Wooden Chess Sets You Can Make - 9 Complete Designs for the Scroll Saw

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Description Designed for serious woodworkers, weekend crafters, and chess enthusiasts, this collection of nine different chess designs includes... More

Making Wooden Chest Sets - 15 One-of-a-kind Projects for the Scroll Saw

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Description Chess pieces and their boards are a thing of beauty that serious players often like to display around their home. The 15 one-of-a-kind... More

Woodturning Wizardry

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Book Description Spheres within spheres, stars within cubes, delicate lattices with no apparent means of support - woodturners over the centuries... More