Australian Made Pen Blanks

Australian Made Poly Resin Pen Blanks.

The colours and designs of each blank are made by hand. No two blanks will be the same. Images are an indication of the colour and design.


  • Sharp drills and chisels are vital, check on the sharpness during turning process.
  • Reduce the feed speed and feed rate when drilling the hole. Less downward force and a slower drill speed will reduce the likelihood of blowout.
  • Always use a sharp drill bit.
  • When turning poly-resin blanks, I have found that I have the most success when I swap from a gouge chisel to a skew after the blank has been turning down to a cylindrical shape.

  • There is a very distinct difference in the sound that is made when the blank is turning smoothly to when pitting is occurring. When this sound occurs I have found it best to reduce the pressure being applied until a nice smooth surface is re-established

  • A highly polished finish can be achieved through the use of a micro mesh polishing kit that includes a grit range up to 12000 grit.  I have found that keeping the micromesh cloth wet when using produces the best results on poly-resins.

SAFETY POINT: Always turn blanks in a well ventilated area, use dust extraction systems and protection and use protective eyewear.