M3 - Metal Composite Blanks

M3, short for Macro-Molecular Materials are part of the new breed of new age designer materials that make everything from the Stealth Bomber to the International Space Station possible. These materials are made with high purity metals and other exotic elements that have been deconstructed to the macro-molecular level, homogenously combined and then reconstructed with highly refined proprietary chemical binders.

Originally developed for aerospace and the military, the engineers at M3 Composite Industries (M3ci) uncovered a host of aesthetic qualities that build on the remarkable benefits of these materials. The proprietary M3ci process together with the natural interplay of the metals and elements creates exotic metal colors, beautiful random wood grain patterns and metal combinations that were never before possible. Deep, dimensional, mirror finishes with galactic star field qualities make for a surface that is mesmerizing and desirable.

These blanks are available in 3 different sizes; 5/8x3, 3/4x5 and 7/8x5.

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