Resin Saver Mold

7mm is for the slimline, streamline and any other be that uses a 7mm tube.

SWEB is for the Wall St II, Gatsby, Sierra, Monet and others that use the same tube.

JRGSR is for the Jr Gent, Jr Statesman, Jr Retro, Jr Majestic and the Jr Emperor, Jr Marshall, Jr Victor or others using the same tubes (usually the Dayacom branded Jr pens).

CIGAR is for the cigar pens and pencils, also has other names. (Big Ben, Magnum, Big Samoan)

BNST does the Baron, Sedona, Navigator and Tycoon and any other pens that take those tubes

GENT is for the full Gent, Statesman, Emperor and Majestic pens.

ZEN is for the Dayacom Pen Kit and Zen pen kits.

CART is for the Bolt Action pen kits.

AERO is for the Aero, Elegant Beauty (Dayacom) and Australiana pen kits.

LONGWOOD is for the Executive Clicker and the Longwood Click. Please note that this is NOT the Longwood from PSI.

HARVEST is for the Roman Harvest, Blingless Harvest and Cambridge pen kits.