150mm Brown Mallee Natural Edge Burl Skeleton Clock

Author: David Lim   Date Posted:22 June 2016 

This is a 150mm Brown Mallee Natural Edge Burl Skeleton Clock. The dimension of the clock is 370mm wide by 220mm high.

The clock was very easy to make.

I started by getting a clock slice burl that was about 25mm (1") thick and put it on the lathe to true both faces of the slice.

I then turned out a hole that was 145mm using a parting tool to house the skeleton clock fitup.

I then put the blank on the table saw to cut a straight line as the base for it to sit on the mantle.

Once the blank was turned, I sanded it by hand with a random orbital sander to 1,500 grit.

The finish I used was Organoil Danish Oil - here is the link to the item that I used - http://www.timberbits.com/organoil-danish-oil.html

Once the finish was dry, I assembled the clock.

Here is the link to the skeleton clock movement that I used for this project - http://www.timberbits.com/150mm-skeleton-clock

I am so happy with the results of this project.

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How'd you do that!

21 July 2018
How can you turn this burl on a lathe? It's uneven weight surely would wobble dreadfully and fly off, killing anything in its reach?

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