Organoil is manufactured by Sales Force NSW, a totally Australian owned company. Our objective with Organoil products is to maintain and preserve timber using vital, natural materials from the plant and mineral kingdoms. Whilst being effective, this principle has firmly in mind the health of the end user and the environment.

Organoil products represent a major refinement of some of the oldest principles in finishing timber. A “Life Blood” has been formulated from the plant kingdom that penetrates into the timber’s structure allowing it to breath, settle and age with grace. With Organoil products you will always know the condition of your timber, you will increase the lifespan of your valuable investment markedly and you will have your timber looking natural and imbued with beauty and character.

Choosing an Organoil product will give you peace of mind knowing that the ingredients come from regenerable natural resources. Organoil products have been specifically designed to meet Australia’s harsh conditions head on, and will remain the truest and finest timber oil available in the timber finishing market place.