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Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Turning features step-by-step descriptions for an abundance of wood turning techniques, including both spindle and faceplate methods. Over 900 color photos accompany detailed, hands-on instructions for turning wood, including how to use lathes, turning tools and materials, chucks, as well as sharpening tools.

Author : Richard Raffan

Review by : Marc Ruby (Warren, MI USA)

I've avoided lathe work for a great many years, satisfying my lust for sawdust by cabinetry and furniture. But in the back of my mind there has always been a little voice that would ask me 'why not?' every time I looked at a block off wood with beautiful grain. Well I finally broke down and spent the sizeable amount of money needed to buy and equip a good lathe. "While I'm waiting for it to be shipped," I thought, "I'll read a book about it." After all this is how I've taught myself just about everything else.

Let me preface the remarks I'm about to make with the fact Turning, by Richard Raffan, is an excellent introduction to the subject of turning. The book is an inexhaustible resource for learning about the lathe, its tools, wood, preparation and the main varieties of lathe work - spindle, end grain, and face. There is even a bit on sanding and finishing. Well illustrated, I don't think you could do better for starting out and shop reference.

But, and this is a big but, learning to work on a lathe is not like learning to work on a table saw. The latter presents a set of basic mechanical tasks that become clear quickly. While the table saw has some esoterica about it, there is nothing actually difficult to master. The lathe, however, is a world unto itself. The possible choices of tools and techniques are large, shapes are nearly infinite, and it is all going on at high speed only inched from your fingers.

No book can accurately describe the shift one makes in holding a gouge or the proper pace for cutting threads. For that you will need a human with enough patience to take you through the learning period. Indeed, by this book, read it carefully, and put it on a shelf. Then sign up for lessons, figure out what you really want to do with your lathe, and return to this book. Mastery will follow, but not without a few unnerving moments.

Review by : MojoMMjojo

Turning covers to many areas to be complete it skips details to make room for the different diversities in each field of turning that it does cover. Its a compilation of 3 books and each field is to an extent covered, but shortened. I have no regrets to buying this book since i'm not a pro the books really more than adequate for myself but just from reading tibbets book i could recognize missing details in raffans book. This book is good for a beginner, buy it with tibbetts book and it will be completed. Raffans book is really diverse and could keep a beginner busy for some time buy it you wont regret it. Overall this is excellent book worth the buy and an attractive book to add to your library.


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