200mm Burl Euclaypus (Swampy Gum) Bowl

Author: David Lim   Date Posted:23 June 2016 

Check out the amazing grain in this bowl!

Just finished this bowl, it is 10" in diameter.

I love the grain in this blank.

Absolutely amazing. I will let the photos do the talking.

A lot of the time you just don't know how the figure in the blank will turn out.

I quietly suspected that it was going to be a good out, it it definitely proved me correct.

Took me about half an hour to turn the bowl with the Hamlet Scrapers being the mail tool that I used.




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Finish for Burl ?

11 September 2018
Morning David, a very nice burl. To complete the show, can you please advise what finish you applied and did you just use compressed air to remove all sanding dust before applying that finish ? Thanks Richard

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