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Bolt Action Pen Kits

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Due to popular demand, we now have the Bolt Action Pen.  This unique pen features a bolt action mechanism which retracts at the slight push of the finger. 

Similar to the bullet pen kit, this kit is an extremely easy to make using a single tube and Parker™ style ball point refill or gel refill. 

Not only will this pen surely impress any hunting or shooting enthusiast, but will surely be the envy of anyone who sets their eyes on it.

Requires the Bolt Action bushes and a 9.5mm drill bit.

**Now available in gunmetal.

Please note: Upon following legal advice, we will not be selling or shipping Bolt Action pen kits to residents of the USA.

Why not try our new pen, the Mark 2. Similar to the Bolt Action this pen, the Mark 2 sports a bolt action lever - only smaller. Have a look by clicking here.

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