Mark 2 Pen Kits (Chrome)

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Mark 2 Pen Kits

Take your Mark.

Introducing the new Mark 2. Similar to the Bolt Action, the Mark 2 features a bolt action lever which retracts the refill with a slight push of the finger. The main difference is the size of the lever, it is less protrusive and is fits snug on the side.

Available in Upgrade Gold, Chrome and Trivalent Chrome (Dark Chrome - looks like Gun Metal).

Made to Timberbits specifications in Taiwan.

Tooling Requirements:

  • Bushing : Bolt Action (A0235)
  • Drill Bit: 9.5mm
  • Refills: Parker Style
  • Brass Tubes: Mark 2 (A0250)
  • Instructions: Download here

Please note: the brass tubes for the Mark 2 is different from the Bolt action kits. The length of the Bolt action brass tubes is 48.9mm long and the length of the Mark 2 tubes is 51.2mm


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