Timberbits - Helping you create with wood.

We are a small operation specialising in servicing the needs of woodturners and woodworkers in Australia and around the globe. With a small team of friendly staff we are ready to help you with your woodworking needs. Orders can be placed over the phone, online or you can pop into the shop to make your purchase. 

We are currently in the process of setting up a woodworking space which will be able to facilitate regular and short-term woodworking courses. 

This business started accidentally. Before Timberbits, Woodturning tools and consumables were expensive and the range was limited. Most woodturners purchased their goods from overseas, especially from the USA and the UK. 

Timberbits has been able to extend the range of pen kits and turning tools in Australia by directly sourcing from the USA, the UK, China and Taiwan. This result has meant we are able to supply an extensive range of products at competitive prices. We are still the sole importers of Australiana series Executive Sierras, Streamlines and Elegant Beauties. 

We understand the importance of quality, longevity of handmade pieces and durable platings. We are proud to offer kits made in Taiwan plated in Gold Titanium, Rhodium and Platinum - the best plating you can get in pen kits. All the pens featured on this website, have been made by David Lim, the Founder of Timberbits. 

We also understand the other side of pen making - the person who does it for fun, the beginners who likes to work within a budget, the retiree who has to live within a small fixed income but loves making pens. David still makes hundreds of slimline for fundraising events and inexpensive gifts. Price is important - get the biggest bang for your buck. We are not a pen kit seller who thumbs their noses at cheap "made in China" kits. We believe they too have a place in the market place. 

From a humble beginning of only selling pen kits, we are now the leading Australian retailer of multiple brands including Vicmarc, Festool, Hamlet, Milescraft, WoodRiver, Cactus Juice, just to name a few.

As you can probably sense, we are passionate about the craft. We hope some of this passion rubs off on you and you create wonderful handmade pens that you can share with the world. 


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