You are all amazing!
Thank you for my order which arrived safely and superfast. It usually takes 24-48 hours, this order arrived in less than 24 hours all the way to rural Tasmania. Great store and great people!

- Mark Saunders, February 2022

 Hi Michael as discussed I nave that many photos of Clocks I have made and other items I have made over the years such as rocking horses  model ships grand father clocks billiard table  my latest is swinging clocks.

Most of my clock items  I nave purchased from you since you had your first Working With Wood Show and before then Johnathan knowles who is still trading  but is always dearer  than you.

These few photos are very early  ones you can tell by my photo  I will send more recent ones later.                            

- Barry.



-From John M., August 2021


Thanks for your help and understanding!

-M.T., August 2021


I made the purchase in order to complete a walnut bowl I was turning. I had finished all but some detail on the base. My challenge was to mount it successfully to do this. Using my Cole jaws with the button extensions you supplied enabled a perfect hold and completion of the job. Your swift service -24 hour delivery interstate - was greatly appreciated.

- Bob, June 2021


I usually order by phone and have a good conversation regarding my order from your staff, they are always polite and make the ordering process as easy as they possibly can.  A couple of weeks ago I ordered a Tormec T8 tool sharpener from you and thought it would probably arrive in four or five days. I was very surprised to see it at my door the very next morning.  Given that I live in Canberra I thought this was fantastically fast service.  However to back this prompt service up, two days ago I ordered an S shaped tool rest for my Vicmarc  lathe that was not in your catalogue, it was ordered as a special order that was sent to Brisbane and I received it 48  hours later. This is such good service so very well done team, I greatly appreciate it.

Many many thanks to all

Kind regards,

John Powell July 16th 2020

*Trevor Grant July 25th 2021 - "I'm not good with the computer but I would like to make a note that I agree with John Powell's feedback and wish to share my thoughts with others."


I was looking for a Takane quartz clock movement to replace my damaged unit together with new hands.

Congatulations on your website set up which I found well thought out & easy to use. I was able to quickly assess the correct part needed, although your clock hands were not the same there were ample to choose from.

Consequently I emailed you late on 13th. March. Your respose early today confirmed the part needed was in stock & welcomed my intention to visit your showroom.

This I did this morning & was served by your staff member, Marrian. She was extremely helpful, knew her stuff & represented you in an admirable manner. It was a pleasurable experience & greatly appreciated by me, only a small customer. I feel she is a real asset to your business worthy of praise. My best wishes to both her & your company for the future.

I feel you have the right balance compared with your competitors. Generally you have more stock & your prices are competitive.

Thanks & best wishes

Merv. Robb 14th March 2019

Hello The Timberbits Team. (Sales, Packers and Dispatchers)

I placed an order yesterday, Tuesday, at approximately 12.30pm. You folks are so efficient that when I tried to add to my order, at about 4.00pm I was told that it had been packaged and collected by the courier. As Marianne (I hope I got the name right) said "Good, but bad" Good that it is on it's way, but bad as I cannot add to it.

The good gets better in that my order arrived at 1.00pm today. Now that is service. As usual everything I ordered was inside.

Last week made my first acrylic pens using three of your blanks, matched with Sierra kits. They look lovely. I am now looking forward to getting stuck into working my way through these 19. And better still ordering more.

Thank you Timberbits.

Respectfully yours,

Paul Travers 6th March 2019

Hi Marrian,

Ever since I placed my first order with your company your service has been above and beyond excellent, I place an order with you and nine times out of ten (if I place early in the morning) I will receive it the next day.

To give you and idea ***** is not too far from me and when I place an order with them it takes 7-8 days for me to receive it. Not very good in my book.

Your service and products are fantastic, so with that, waiting and patience is not an issue and I will always try my hardest to use your company first before anyone else.

Cheers good people, please take care, be safe and have a great day.

- Michael S. 03 Feb 2019


Some creations using productrs purchased from Timberbits.

Gday david i have a couple of photos of items i bought from you if you care to take a look.

- Stephen Attartd 1 Feb 2019

you have an awesome store and give fantastic customer service….you deserve the thanks from this happy customer

-Michael Christophers,  Jan 16 2019

Congratulation on your Pen Kits David. I've been Buying you product for over 6 years and I'm Happy to recommend your Brand to all my friends especially my Italians Friends, your service is Second to none, Made my order at 23.00 on a Tuesday Night and received the goods at 11.00 am on Thursday Morning, Can't complain about that, Keep up the good work Cheers Antonio

- Antonio Orifici 4 Jan 2019

Hi David,

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the exemplary Timberbits service.

I placed my order with you on the 29th Dec and received it here in the UK on the 2nd January. Fantastic.

May I wish you and your team a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

The very best wishes

-David S. 03 January 2019

I would like to say that this transaction has been super efficient:  my initial enquiry was promptly and politely answered.The lady taking the call was patient and very helpful.

After placing the order there was a quick conformation and advice on tracking the order which was received THE FOLLOWING DAY !

I am amazed and grateful.  All companies should be so good. 

- Bryan Wickens, 31 October 2018

Hi, I just want to how great you people at Timberbits are. Your customer service is great and your shipping is lightning fast. I buy all of my woodturning tools and accessories from you and will continue to do so. Thanks! Kind regards, Glen.

- Glen Kempster, 12 September 2018

I recently (Tuesday) purchased an Arbortech and just wanted to tell you that it was the fastest turnaround as far as postage is concerned that I have ever experienced. The team there are absolutely fantastic and you should give yourselves a big pat on the back. Keep up the awesome work and I look forward to shopping with you again.

- John Garden, 25 May 2018

Just a brief email to say how impressed I am with your service, a friend indicated that he placed his order and following day he received it. Well you have kept up your record, I placed my order yesterday and received it before lunch today. In this day and age most people only contact you when they are not happy with the service, in this case I believe positive feedback is also appropriate; well done, A+ for service and price.

- Ian Yarrow, 18 Jan 2018

Hi, I would Just like to thank you for your quick service. l ordered some pens yesterday and they arrived on my doorstep this morning.

Thanks once again for your speedy service.

- Murray Payne, 16 Jan 2018

My latest order arrived safely- as usual- today. I'd like to thank all at Timberbits for the superb service you provide, it is much appreciated.

Best wishes to you all for the New Year.

- Peter Watkins (Furness Woodturning and Woodcrafts Association), 3 Jan 2018

Thanks for the very prompt deliver of my first order with you guys. Left your place 27/12. On my doorstep by noon 28/12. Great service by you and the freight company.

- Andy Smylie, 28 Dec 2017

I live in a small  S.A. country town half way between Adelaide and Melbourne, and have recently taken up wood turning. I rely on online shopping for my tools and supplies. Getting prompt advice via an email from a retailer who also turns is a great bonus. Receiving orders to my PO box within a few days is even better. Thanks David and staff.

- Tony A, 4 Nov 2017

Good Morning, I'd just like to take a moment to give you some kudos for the exemplary service you provide. I've ordered half a dozen times over the last 18 months and have always been super impressed with the speed at which orders arrive. I've often received my package the next day which in my mind is no small feat considering I am located on the exact opposite side of the country to you. I placed an order yesterday and providing there are no local holdups, My gear will be waiting for me when I get home from work today. So to the person/people/team that ensure I can progress my projects the day after placing an order, Thank-you!

- James Weller, 2 Nov 2017

Hi Guy's Just a quick thank you for you terrific service. I live in Gove, located in northeast Arhnem Land of the Northern Territory. I have recently been purchasing workworking equipment in the hope to start some woodworking training for the local indiginous people. I was shocked by how quickly you processed and delivered my online order. It arrived 6 days after ordering when almost all the other stores i have purchased from have taken anywhere from 4-6 weeks (30-40 days). A Great effort by you guy's to process the order and get it on its way. Thanks a million, youll be getting more business from me.

Hilton Bond, 27 Oct 2017




Amazing. I placed my order on Wednesday night and it is delivered Friday morning. Truly a very good service from you guys at timberbits. Outstanding. I'll be a returning customer as I am impressed with your setup. Regards, Eddy

- Eddy Verhoef, 23 Oct 2017

This is why I keep coming back...awesome service, awesome pricing and awesome delivery.

NSW to WA overnight and I'm still waiting for something I bought from a Co. on the other side of the Perth.

Well done

- Matt Greenfield, 9 Aug 2017

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Parramatta District Men's Shed is a community activity, where local men come together to do some of the things that interest men.

Things like woodworking, metalworking, gardening; or just sitting, relaxing, and enjoying a cup of coffee together.

In this age where many people have had to downsize their living arrangements - which often results in a man losing his personal space: his garden, his workshop, his tools - Parramatta District

Men's Shed provides a well-equipped venue where a man can relax, work on his own projects, help out in the community, learn new skills, or teach his skills to his mates.


Our Shed is located at:

Building 23 Open: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

1 Fleet Street 10:00am until 02:00pm

North Parramatta 2151

Telephone: 02.9683.5518 Email:

Good evening, This email is for the attention of a gentleman by the name of David, whom I believe is the owner. Sir, you have a remarkable company and if more were as good as yours, then carrying out business would be a pleasure. The day before yesterday I tried to order some 'Thin ca' on the strength of a recommendation from an existing customer but your website indicated that you were 'out of stock'. Yesterday I rang to ask if I could have an indication of when the stock would be re-plenished. I spoke with a young lady by the name of Julie who after advising her I had just attended a pen turning course and wanted to purchase some thin ca to start making pen, she checked the showroom quantities and said that she could spare two bottles to help me. I placed the order and imagine my surprise when they were delivered first thing this morning! Well done Timberbits! I will certainly be returning for further purchases and recommending you to my friends and colleagues.

John Donaghy Perth WA, 2 Aug 2017

Bringing back my old chisels to life with such ease using the Tormac T-4, thanks Timberbits

- Stuart Montague - Illawarra Woodwork School 18 Jul 2017

Since approximately 2012, when I was recommended to me by a turning colleague, I have been regularly purchasing and using your excellent products; I cannot fault the professional service that I have received from you over the years or the variety of quality goods that you supply. Your products are without doubt good value for money, and arrive to my door very promptly indeed.

- Barry Teague, Lincolinshire, England, 17 Jul 2017




I recently discovered Timberbits while looking to buy some Incra equipment. Up until then I knew them as a good source of tools for turning but was pleasantly surprised to see an extensive range of general woodworking tools and equipment, and that was just the showroom. Out back is a massive fully stocked warehouse. Even more pleasant was the level of service and advice I received. David certainly knows his stuff when it comes to woodwork and tools. His expert, no-nonsense advice was a welcome change and I felt confident that he was genuinely steering me into making the right decision with my purchases. I am looking forward to dealing with David and the Timberbits crew more in the future.

- Paul Nicholson - Member of  splinter WORKSHOP INC, 17 Jul 2017




I have been buying hand tools, clamps and vices from Timberbits for about 5 years. Timberbits offer unparalleled service. David and the team have tremendous product knowledge, are easy and friendly to deal with and if they say “you'll have it tomorrow” then you can take that to the bank.

- Stuart Faulkner, Owner, Heartwood Creative Woodworking, 13 Jul 2017