For over 25 years, Taylor Design Group has been the leader in precision positioning products with everything from router table and table saw fences to an exciting line of miter gauges, marking rules and jig & fixture components and accessories. Primary tool lines include: 

INCRA Line of Precision Fence Systems - All of the products in this category feature a series of opposing indexing teeth or detents that when engaged permit precise duplication of common router table and table saw setups. This “incremental positioning” makes common cutting a snap, complex cutting operations a breeze and provides easy access to some of the most beautiful joinery on the planet. This line also includes a great selection of Router Tables and accessories.

INCRA Precision Miter Gauges –  The same incremental design concept popularized by our fence systems to provide dead-on accuracy and perfect repeatability with laser cut detents at all of your favorite angles. From the economical V27 with 27 angle detents to the awesome Miter3000 featuring 361 detents and 4 other models in between, INCRA has the perfect miter gauge for any woodworking level. 

INCRA Rules - Includes a variety of precision measuring and marking instruments that incorporate the use of through holes and slots at every scale location to permit the transfer of a measurement to your work piece with certainty and perfect repeatability.

INCRA Build-It-System – This lineup includes an expanding collection of Jig and Fixture components and accessories. Fixtures to solve common woodworking problems can be assembled in minutes with only a screwdriver.

We carry a great range of INCRA tools available to Australia.