Arbortech MIN.FG.500 Mini Turbo Kit

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Product Information

Arbortech MIN.FG.500 Mini Turbo Kit

  • Deep internal profiles Suitable for use with Arbortech Mini-Grinder
  • Leaves a smooth finish which requires minimal sanding.
  • Attaches to standard 100mm (4") and 115mm (4½") angle grinders (using the supplied extension adapter).
  • Replaceable/Resharpenable carbide teeth Limited side exposure improves safety.
  • Extend life of carbide teeth by rotating to new sharp edge Outstanding for free-formed convex and concave shapes.
  • Can be used with guides and templates for accuracy.
  • Also available: Mini-Sanding Discs in Assorted Grits.


  • Mini-TURBO blade
  • Extension adapter
  • Brass adapter
  • 4 assorted grit sanding discs
  • TorxTM key
  • Assembly parts