The next step of the process was to install a natural edge top onto the cabinet. Here is the cabinet with the top on it. The thickness of the top is currently 50mm (the thickness of the slab). I will need to machine the top down to 25mm. The width of the top is about 350mm but my joiner and thicknesser can only do 305mm wide.

I wasn't too keen on cutting the top up into two, reducing the thickness down to 25mm then reconnecting them back together. So rather than doing that, I call up Stuart from Heartwood Creative Woodworking and asked if I could use his machine to size down my slab. I knew he had a 400mm joiner and thicknessner.

What a marvelous workshop he has. The place was immaculate and all the machines were state of the art. The place was so clean that it looked like a museum. I wonder if I could ever get my workshop that clean and tidy. It only took me about 5 minutes to size the slab down.

This is what the cabinet now looks like with a thinner top on.