You have all your tools, a space in the shed and a feeling in the stomach that makes you want to build something. After much consideration and head banging you cannot decide what to create. What do I do? Make something for me or the family? Oh my mother is having a birthday soon wonder if she would like somethin? After all she loved the cutting board I made in school.

Deciding what to build can be very frustrating so we have listed some simple projects for the long weekend. Get started!

  1. A shelf. This could be a single shelf or a combination. There are many types of shelves you could build.
  2. A storage box. We all need extra storage. This could be made from timber and varnished using traditional woodworking skills.
  3. A seat. Maybe an Adirondack chair where you can sit in the garden and fall asleep.
  4. Jewellery box. Impress the missus or your mother a great gift.
  5. BBQ Table. We all need somewhere to sit when having a BBQ. There are some very elaborate BBQ tables that could be created.
  6. Bed. Make a themed bed base for the kids, maybe a car or boat?
  7. Dog House. Man’s best friend needs a home to be proud of, make them a mansion.
  8. Doll House. If you have a daughter, niece or granddaughter they will love a house for their dolls.
  9. Pergolas. A place to put a chair and reflect or sleep.
  10. Bench Seat. Maybe one that is also provides storage.
  11. Chicken Coup. Sick of having the chickens (if you have some) getting into the garden Make them an enclosure they will want to stay in.
  12. Children’s table. Children love to sit at their own table.
  13. Play Hut. A place where no parents are allowed.
  14. Glass House. A place to grow your tomatoes and beans.
  15. Rabbit Hutch. Go on, get them a rabbit, (only if your state allows this).
  16. Letter Box. Get rid of your boring store bought letterbox.
  17. Patio Swing. Another great place to sleep.
  18. Planter Box. Grow some plants on the deck.
  19. Wheelbarrow. Great decorative piece for the garden.
  20. Stool. Everyone needs a stool to sit or stand on.
  21. Sea-saw. Another great childhood toy.
  22. Table. Have a go at making the dining room table.
  23. Picture Frame. Frame all the pictures lying around.
  24. Tool Box. This should have been the first project.

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