Titanium305 Z100 64mm Dust Bucket Seperator

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Product Information

Titanium305 Z-100 - 64mm (2-1/2") Dust Bucket Separator Set

This Titanium 305 Cyclone Dust collector will help you save money and time. Stop cloging your shop vac with large chips. Just attach your shop vac to the Bucket and it will separate out and keep your larger chips and debris in the bucket. No more messing with filters.

The bucket is made of clear, see through PVC which will allow you to see when it is ready for emptying. 

The size of the bucket is 22L (6 gallon) and mounted on four casters for easy moving around your workshop.


  • 1 x 22L (6 gallon) clear bucket on 4 caster.
  • 1 x Lid with dust in/out ports
  • 1 x 64mm (2-1/2") 90 degree elbow
  • 2 x 64mm expandable hoses up to 90cm
  • 1 x 100mm to 64mm (4" to 2-1/2") reducer
  • 1 x 64mm to 38mm (2-1/2 to 1-1/2") reducer
  • 1 x 100mm (4") clamp
  • 1 x 64mm (2-1/2") clamp
  • 2 x 64mm (2-1/2") hose fittings 

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