I have been making these boxes for quite a few years now. They are very popular in the wood galleries and I have process of making them down pat.

The editor of the Australian Wood Review saw a few of my boxes at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery and asked if I would like to write a small article on how to make to boxes.

I was more than happy to share my knowledge with other woodies because this was how I learned my woodworking as well - caring is sharing.

I was just getting ready for a batch of 50 boxes for a corporate order so I took some notes and photographs to document how I made these boxes.

After I complete the series of videos on how to make and assemble the pen kits, I will move onto make a series of videos on how to make these pen boxes. There are few more steps that are needed to make these boxes than making pens, but they are easy to make once you get your jig made and set up.

I hope you like these boxes as much as I do.

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