Jarrah Timber, Eucalyptus Marginata, is a large size hardwood grown in the south west of Western Australia. The heartwood varies from rich reds to deep browns with the sapwood being a pale yellow.  It is generally has straight grain although there may be some interlocked grain.

The heartwood is very durable allowing various applications and it is used as flooring, joinery, panelling, sleepers, poles, heavy construction and domestic structural framing. Jarrah timber is renowned for its density, resistance to insect attack and exceptional hardness. A very common timber used in musical instruments and hot tubs, due to its rot resistance. 

Jarrah is often used for recycling with a noticeably increase in recycled flooring in Australia.

The Jarrah burl is also prized among wood turners, with its tight knots, swirling grain and rich colours which provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Some wood turners comment on the difficulty to turn Jarrah but there are many who have mastered this skill and produced some very pleasing pieces.

With Jarrah, as with other timbers, you must be careful if you have respiratory conditions or other allergies as there has been documented cases of the dust causes reactions. As with all timber when producing dust take the proper precautions

  1. Dust mask
  2. Eye protection
  3. Dust extraction

Jarrah timber produced very pleasing results so for your woodworking projects try using Jarrah timber.


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