This is video 7  on how I went about producing this Krevnov Style Cabinet. It is based on the article in the Fine woodworking magazine - issue 208. I did some slight modifications to the featured cabinet in the issue - like replacing the glass on the doors with Birds Eye Huon Pine Panels

Its now time to make the doors for the cabinet. I lay out the pieces no the bench and mark out where the domino dowels will go. I then cut out the mortices with the Domino tool. As you can see it pretty straight forward and easy to do.

I then dry assemble the doors to make sure everything fits. While the door are still together, I then route out the grove to take the panels with a slot cutter, This process is very similar to making the back panel in the previous video.

We can now trim the two door panels to fit the the two doors. As you can see, the panels are book matched. I position the doors so that I get the best grain to show through on the doors, then mark out where the cuts are suppose to go.

Again cutting the panel is very easy to do with the zero tolerance slide. Once panel is cut to size, I then glue the doors together with Titebond. I didn't show in this video that I have already sanded the panel to 320 grit before gluing the door together. I then check to make sure the door is square and flat. I then give the doors a good sand from 80 grit all the way to 320 grit.

Now its time to hinge the doors. I mark out on the cabinet where the hinges will go accurately with a pencil. I then use a jig and a hand held trimmer / outer to take out the correct depth for the knife hinge. I then use a sharp chisel to square off and clean out the spot. Huon Pine is very soft so it's easy going with a sharp chisel.

Now it time for the doors. I do the same thing with the doors but without the aid of a jig. I hold the door in pacel on the bench vice. I then centre the hinge on the doors and take out the guts with the same trimmer set to a different height because I don't need to allow for the thickness of the jig. I then affix the hinge onto the door with the supplied screws.

Now in the next video I put the doors onto the cabinet and were on our home stretch to finishing the cabinet.