New to woodworking? Interested in woodturning?  I find that the best way to learn anything is to have someone to learn from.

Books and other written literature is also a great way to learn techniques but having someone work in front of you in invaluable plus! you're free to ask questions. Let's be honest, woodworking is an art that is learnt by years of mistakes and practice.

I would recommend you start off by visiting a Woodworking club or Mens Shed. Woodworking can be an expensive hobby, where you will need to invest in a lathe and other machinery, by visiting a club you not only get to use the equipment but you'll get to meet like minded individuals who have been in your shoes once before.

Below is a list of clubs which we will build on for your reference. I'm sure the members are more then happy to help you create with wood.



If you'd like your club to be added onto list this, please email (subject line Blog - Clubs)

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