Tormek T4 Grinder

If you’ve invested in good quality tools, you’ll know how important it is to keep them really sharp.

The newest Tormek T4 Model can be configured to sharpen and hone virtually any edged tool with ease and unbeatable precision. It’s not just a machine for professionals, it’s for anyone who is serious about keeping their edged tools sharp.

The T4 is an upgrade to the earlier T3. With the redesigned zinc die-cast top plate, which now incorporates the sleeves for universal support along with a unique hole design, these new sleeves improve the sharpening precision by 300%.

For extra rigidity, the motor, the main-shaft are also mounted on this cast top, and the integrated handle makes the machine easy to move and position. It matches the performance of a larger Tormek, the T7 machine, but at a lower price. If you don’t need the bigger capacity stone and motor in the T7, than the T4 is just right for you.

It’s supplied with a stone grader, the honing compound, the angle master, Tormek DVD and the comprehensive handbook guide to sharpening. You can then customize the suitable jigs to suit your particular sharpening needs.

When it comes to sharpening there’s a whole Tormek world to discover and sharpening actually becomes quite addictive. With the T4, you will soon discover the pleasure of really caring for tools and keeping them razor sharp.

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