A launch date and price has not been finalised yet, so let's just enoy the fact that Triton have been working tirelessly to bring us a new Workcentre.

Over the next few days, I'll load up a few videos to go through features & benefits and key comparisons between the Workcentre 2000 and the WX7.  Let's begin with the first video. 

As always, if you have any comments, questions or want to know anything else about the WX7 please ket me know in the comments below.


Because we are Australia's premium Triton dealer so we were given the exclusive privilege to be the First in Australia to test out the brand new triton work center.

History about my use. I have been first using the Triton workcenter over 15 years ago, first with my Father in Laws MK3, then the 2000, now I am testing the WX7.

I in this video I will be looking at the features and benifits of the WX7 and the comparisions from the WX7 to the current Workcenter 2000.

Before I begin, I want to start with disclaimer that I did not open the box of the WX7. The Triton rep came over and dropped off the WX7 as you see it now. There are probably more bits a pieces that come in the box, but I didn't get to open it so I am unsure of what you will receive when the WX7 is sold.

Also, I have been told that this is still a prototype and it is probably not the final design.

I have been given 2 weeks to play with it and to give Triton some feedback about what I think about the WX7.

Lets begin with the comparision of the 2 machines.

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Video has been pulled by the request of Triton.

On 19 January 2016
The importers of Triton in Australia (White Internationals) have asked us to remove the video because other Triton dealers were not happy that they did not have the privilage of trialing the product. I am stil using the workcenter and have to admit, it is a far better product than the Workcentre 2000. Unfortuantely were not expecting them in Australia until the 2nd half of the year. Will keep you guys know as soon as it is available. DavidxLim

Australia's Premium Triton Dealer?

On 11 January 2016
The WX7 looks to be an item I am interested in. However your video does not work for me neither and I am surprised that you have not answered Richard's request for an update on your original article. Is this the level of responsiveness we should expect from Triton's premium dealer? TimM

Frankly I think that

On 28 December 2015
Frankly I think that's abloultesy good stuff.

Triton Wx7

On 4 November 2015
Good Morning David I have been awaiting the next installment on this blog item and have not seen anything further and i am having trouble viewing the video I am just setting up my workshop and would like to know your opinion of the Triton Regards Richard

The fence.

On 23 October 2015
Can I suggest that they come up with a side fence that is easier to position quickly from the infeed side of the saw. It does look good. It is a lot more refined than my 2000.

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