Festool Multifunction System 700 mm Routing Template (492611)

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Product Information

Festool Multifunction System 700 mm Routing Template (492611)
Festool's MF multi routing template allows you to quickly and easily create different shaped cut outs and circles without the time consuming creation of temporary templates. The aluminium profiles can be adjusted in both a lengthways and cross direction, and placed anywhere on the work piece to start cutting. A millimetre scale is printed along each profile, allowing accurate adjustments, and by inserting the copying ring into the tilt protector, the router is kept securely in place, minimising risk of injury and increasing work quality. The securing groove for screw and lever clamps allows the template to be attached easily, and angle brackets can be fitted to help position the template.


  • 2 x Mitre Guides
  • Tilt Stop
  • Circle Routing Insert
  • Template

Main Applications

  • Producing rectangular cut-outs
  • Producing round cut-outs
  • Quick corners and panel joins
  • Routing steps into their stringers

Technical Specs:

  • Radius (mm): 40 mm - 1200 mm
  • Dimensions ie. mm x mm x mm or mm: 600 mm 300 mm