M3 Jewellery Billet - Gunsmoke Gold

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Product Information

M3 Jewellery Billets

Jewelry Billets are designed for many objects to be produced from a single blank. As such, the patterning is extremely tight in order to insure plenty of pattern in small pieces. Rings, wedding bands, earrings, broaches, watch cases, charms, cufflinks, tie bars, belt buckles and fine carvings are some of the items produced. M3 mass finishing system is available. 

M3 Mokume is a perfect material for both men’s and women’s jewelry. M3 Mokume can be used as an inlay, cabochon or pendent and works great as a ring, wedding band or bracelet. You can set gemstones into M3 or permanently bond M3 with any other material with good jewelers epoxy. 

The colors and patterns run completely through the material. These are not surface applied anodizing or other chemical coloring that will scratch and wear off in time. M3 is truly heirloom quality material that will hold its finish and last for many generations. 

M3 needs to be worked differently than traditional metals. M3 is a metal composite, the metal equivalent of engineered stone like Caesar Stone. You can’t forge, solder, roll or bend it around a mandrel. Instead rings and bracelets are turned on a lathe or cut from flat stock using standard wood working tools. The material is dense and stable and works well in a production environment. CNC mills and cutters will operate faster and require less frequent tooling changes drastically reducing production times. The material lends itself to mass finishing and we have perfected a two part polishing system that also reduces hand finishing labor. 

Mokume Gane
Mokume-Gane (pronounced Moe-koo-may Gah-nay) and literarily translates as “wood grained metal” originated in Japan in the 17th century as a mixed metal laminate with distinctive layered wood grain type patterns. This fascinating material was originally used to create spectacular decorations for Samurai Swords. "M3 Mokume Gane" is a modern interpretation of this ancient Japanese metal art. Today's engineers and scientists use these "Mokume" patterns and M3 technology to create the new "super composites" that are being used to build the future. 

While the M3 proprietary process utilizes some very sophisticated equipment and scientific processes, the M3 Mokume wood grain patterns can only be produced by hand. Each blank is an individual work of art created by a master technician. The blanks are made to size in order to insure that the wood grain pattern is always in proportion and the “sweet spot” is just below the surface revealed by turning, carving or milling.

Dimensions: Approx. 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” x 3 1/4” (38mm x 38mm x 82mm)


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