Milescraft 5200 Pocket Screw Kit (700 Pieces)

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Milescraft 5200 Pocket Screw Kit (700 Pieces)

Self-tapping, zinc coated T20 Star screws are perfect for joining your work pieces together, ensuring a secure hold. PocketScrewKit700 includes 700 pcs. of the most common sized pocket hole screws.


  • T20 Star, Pan Head & Washer Head Screws
    • Resists cam-out better than your standard Phillips head or slot head screws.
    • Allows for a higher torque to be exerted without damaging the screw head or your tool.
  • Reusable Plastic Storage Carrying Case
    • With designated places in the case for each size screw and a screw selection chart
  • T20 Drivers
    • Includes 3″ and 6″ Magnetic T20 Star Drivers


  • 2.5" PocketScrew (coarse) 75ct.
  • 2" PocketScrew (coarse) 75ct.
  • 1.5" PocketScrew (coarse) 100ct.
  • 1.25" PocketScrew (coarse) 150ct.
  • 1.25" PocketScrew (fine) 150ct.
  • 1" PocketScrew (coarse) 150ct.
  • Drivers: 3" and 6" Magnetic T20 Star Drivers

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