Schmidt K1 Fountain Pump Converter

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Product Information

Schmidt K1 Fountain Pump Converter

The Schmidt® K1 push in Converter replaces the standard ink cartridge and enables the use of bottled ink.

  • Wind the piston to the bottom of the converter ( nib end)
  • Dip the entire nib into the ink
  • To fill the converter with ink, wind the piston to the top ( away from the nib)
  • Remove converter and nib section from ink but remain over the bottle
  • Wind piston back toward the nib gently so a couple of drops of ink fall back into the bottle.
  • Now wind piston back to the top ( away from nib )
  • Wipe away any ink from nib and grip section.
  • This item is also used for flushing out the ink feed system on the pen with water

Please Note: not suitable for the JB Fountain Pen Kits