Traditional Wax - 250ml

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Traditional Wax - 250ml

Traditional Wax is a general purpose wax paste made from a unique blend of mineral and natural waxes (including Ceresin and Carnauba), with a clean fresh fragrance..

The special blend of waxes make Traditional Wax very easy to work with and leaves you with a non sticky surface that will not attract dust or finger marks.

Traditional Wax is easy to apply, easy to buff to a shine and leaves the surface of the work with an almost sensual feel. This polish does not give a wet plastic look to the timber but imparts a lustrous and slightly dry looking shine to the work akin to that of a fine antique.

Traditional Wax is about the consistency of margarine, making it easy to use in a variety of ways, including on raw timber, antiques, woodcarvings, wood-turning and for general furniture maintenance etc.

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