WoodRiver Sack-Up [Spec: Block Plane Sack ]

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Product Information

WoodRiver Sack-Up

Corrosion can deface a plane pretty quick and if left unchecked, ruin it. WoodRiver® Plane Sacks can help.

They’re constructed from a unique cotton fabric containing an oil and silicone base (non-migrating) that prohibits corrosion. Not only do they protect your hand plane against corrosion, since the natural wicking fabric keeps moisture away from the tool, but they also guard against scratching, dirt and dust buildup. WoodRiver plane sacks have a lifetime guarantee, so sack’em up and quit worrying about corrosion. Fits small rabbet planes and most block planes.

  • Prevent corrosion
  • Guard against dirt and scratches
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Block Plane - 7-1/2" long
  • Smooth Plane - 12-1/2" long
  • Jack Plane - 16" long
  • Jointer Plane - 25" long