When I am making batches of pens or boxes, something deep inside of me (I was probably a magpie in a previous life) tells me not to sell all the things I make. I am always finding excuses not to sell all my work.

Over the years of making these boxes, I have keep a few.

When setting up the display cabinet, I initially though that I had kept about 5 boxes in the few timbers that I truly love like Tiger Myrtle, Huon Pine, Red Cedar, Olive and Native Olive.

After I had finished setting it up, my Wife said why don't you show the rest of your boxes? I looked at her and said "that was it". She shook her head and said "Why don't you bring out your keepers?"

I Forgot about my keepers in the workshop. I have over 30 keepers in the workshop.

Took them out and put one of each timber in the display cabinet.

I think it's a bit too crowded so I might have to get another display cabinet.

Hope you like it.

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