We have just introduced 2 new blanks into our vast range of timber pen blanks.

These whiskey pen blanks are cut from the barrels used in the ageing of whiskey. Available in Jack Daniels or Jim Beam.

When I received the shipment of the pen blanks, I though that the courier was already drinking at 9:30am. The smell hit me for six when I opened the box. I am surprised that customs didn't tax me for alcohol content.

As you can see the blanks are charred on one side and whiskey soaked on the other. Each individual blanks comes with a certificate so sell the pens to the die hard JD or JB lovers.

Timber is White Oak.

The blanks is roughly 25mm x 25mm x 125mm (1" x 1" x 5") - note there is curving of the stave.

These blanks will be a hit for the Whiskey lovers.

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