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Product Information

Easy Wood Tools Full Size Easy Tools

Learning to turn wood can be difficult. Particularly when you are starting out. One of the biggest challenges the new woodturner faces is working out exactly what turning tools they need. Fret no more! Easy Wood Tools offer a range of high-quality carbide-tipped woodturning tools that are easy and safe to use. At the core of this range are three fundamental types of tools. The Rougher, the Finisher and the Detailer.

The Rougher

Start your woodturning project with the Easy Wood Rougher. This tool is designed to hog off material effortlessly so you can quickly move from a rough turning blank to the form you are seeking. Thanks to the Rougher tool design and carbide cutting tip, cutting pressure is transferred down to the tool rest. The lathe "takes the pounding" that you would normally endure when using a conventional bowl gouge for roughing. No more ‘white knuckling’ a bowl gouge, just easy turning.

The Rougher is easy to use. No need to find the bevel when turning. The Rougher is designed to be kept flat on the tool rest and level to the floor. Simply advance the tool slowly into the workpiece and begin cutting straight in, or sweep the cutter from left to right, or right to left. These tools address the challenges of fatigue, safety, and efficiency like no other type of tool on the market.

The Finisher 

Shape your woodturning project with the Easy Wood Finisher. This tool takes up where the Easy Rougher leaves off. The Easy Finisher has a round carbide cutter perfect for inside work and outside work and shaping your project. Great for bowls, coves on spindle work and other shaping tasks. Like the rest of the Easy Wood range, the Easy Wood Finisher is designed to be used level on the tool rest, with the cutter set at the centre line of the lathe.

The Finisher is easy to use. There are no complicated approach angles or bevels to ride. The design of this tool allows the Easy Finisher to effortlessly cut from the centre of a bowl out to the rim OR from the rim to the center! All without changing any angles whatsoever. You just stand in one spot and cut - coming and going until you get to the shape you want. Watch the video below or on our YouTube channel to see that in action.

The Detailer 

Detail your woodturning project with the Easy Wood Detailer. This tool takes up where the other Easy Wood Tools finish up. The Easy Detailer has a diamond shaped carbide cutter perfect for or small, intricate work and cutting the final details on your projects. This would include such things as small coves and beads on both spindle and bowl work. They are also very handy for cutting chuck tenons and making inside reverse angle cuts for inside chucking bowls with dovetail jaws.

The Easy Detailers are engineered to cut straight in, employing just the nose of the tool. The Detailer is engineered with a reduced relief angle to the long cutting edges. This makes the long edges less aggressive when held in contact with the wood as the nose of the tool is cutting. During use, the long edge is intended to perform as a "control surface" and serve to be in contact with the wood just behind the cut - much like a bevel being rubbed. With a small amount of practice, you will find this tool very easy to use.

No Sharpening required

Never sharpen your tools again! When one side of the cutter gets dull, just rotate it to a new edge. When you’ve used all four edges, simply replace it with a new cutter. You do not need to buy any sharpening gear whatsoever. You do not need to spend weeks learning how to sharpen an edge.  Great if you are new to turning or simply can’t be bothered.

Made in the USA 

Easy Wood Tools are a high-quality product 100% designed and made in the USA.

Australian Owned and Operated

We are a small operation specialising in servicing the needs of woodturners and woodworkers in Australia and around the globe. With a small team of friendly staff we are ready to help you with your woodworking needs. Orders can be placed over the phone, online or you can pop into the shop to make your purchase...Read more