Hamlet HCT082UH Bowl Gouge - 1/4"

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Product Information

Hamlet Bowl Gouges - Unhandled

Milled from round bar. Every bowl gouge is finely turned for making the best of turned bowls, for heavy profile cuts or delicate feather cuts.

Made of quality M2 high speed steel.

Made in Sheffield, England.

  • HCT082 - 1/4" 
  • HCT083 - 3/8" 
  • HCT084 - 1/2" 
  • HCT085 - 5/8" 
  • HCT086 - 3/4" 
  • HCT087 - 1"
  • HCT088 - 3/8" (Short)
  • HCT088A - 1/4" (Short)

Please note: sizing of bowl gouges is historically based on the flute width. However, as bowl gouges are now made from round bar stock the old measurements don't make as much sense in determining it's size.

American terminiology has recently changed their sizing approach of using the bar stock to define the gouge size. Although UK terminiology continues to use the flute width.  Please use the table below as a guide: