Henry Taylor CS48 Raffan Signature Skew Chisel - 3/4"

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Raffan Skew Chisel

Richard Raffan began woodturning in 1970 and can be described as one of the world's foremost authorities on this craft. Drawing on his vast experience, Richard has designed a range of tools which are produced from heavy section materials, with particular atttention given to the curve edge shapes. The tools are safe to use because the thick material does not flex thus reducing the chance of catches.

The curved cutting edge of a Raffan Skew allows turners to make controlled, low, peeling cuts that are impossible with straight edge skews.

  • Rectangular section makes peeling cuts for rapid waste removal easy
  • Radiused blade corners make bead cutting easier
  • Long bevel sides enable delicate scraping cuts for extremely clean cuts on endgrain shoulders
  • 6-7" Blade