U-Beaut SW500 Shellawax - 500ml

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Product Information

Shellawax - 500ml

Dangerous Goods. In-store collection only, shipping not available.

SHELLAWAX is manufactured using U Beaut's own specially formulated Hard Shellac as a base, which gives a finish with good resistance to marks and blemishes from water, alcohol and heat.

The hardener in the polish is activated by the heat generated during the application of the Shellawax. As soon as the surface is dry (almost instantly) a cross-linking begins in the finish. It is this cross-linking process which creates the harder surface. It takes around 3 weeks for the entire process to complete. However, in the mean time the work can be handled and used without fear of upsetting the process. Just keep it away from alcohol, water, etc during this time.

Shellawax is a foolproof, one application, friction polish, designed to be applied directly to raw timber allowing it to bond with, and basically become part of the wood and not just another a surface coating.

Shellawax is made initially for use on the wood lathe and is the fastest and easiest to use polish of its kind on the market today, giving an instant shine to most timbers. It is used with the lathe running and under heat, created through friction, it is fused into the timber. It dries instantly, and can be handled immediately after application. It is water resistant from the start and becomes more resistant to water, alcohol. etc, over a 3 week period after initial application.

Shellawax is a complete, one application, non toxic finish, safe for use with food, children's toy etc.

For more information on U Beaut Polishes - visit www.ubeaut.biz

Dangerous Goods. In-store collection only, shipping not available.