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Product Information

U-Beaut AO250 Aussie Oil

Dangerous Goods. In-store collection only, shipping not available.

This is an oil type finish similar to Danish oil but nothing like it. This product is designed to be hand rubbed on to raw timber, giving a finish with a hard, bright, high gloss. It will bring out amazing depth and brilliance to most timbers making the grain pop and become opalescent, vibrant, shimmering and alive. Especially when used on a fine grained, highly figure timber. And if that's not enough it does it all in a matter of minutes.

Aussie Oil is ideal for use on most small items like pendants, brooches, earrings, small turned items that cannot be fully finished on the lathe. Pens, magnifying glass handles, compacts, key rings, letter openers, in fact almost anything made of wood you can comfortably hold in your hand to polish.


  1. Sand the timber through the grits up to at least 800 grit or higher for a more brilliant shine.
  2. Get a piece of clean soft cloth. Brushed flannelette sheeting is ideal as it has no grain in the material to mark or scratch the surface of the polish .
  3. Drape a single or doubled piece of the sheeting over the end of your index finger & pull it tight to make a pad on your finger tip (like your mum used to do to wipe dirt from your face).
  4. Shake mixture vigorously until it mixes to a creamy colour, then add a drop to the pad on your finger, making sure there is just enough to cover the entire surface of the piece you intend to polish, add another drop or two more if you need it.


If you use too much oil it will take much longer to finish the coat making it harder work than it needs to be.

Begin rubbing the surface to be polished using a circular motion and medium pressure and continue doing this until the rag  is starting to dry out and the polish has begun to take on a shine 1-3 minutes.

Do this as many times as you feel it is needed. You can do this up to 5 times in 1 hour if you desired.

More coats can be added when ever you feel like it. The more you add the deeper and brighter the final finish will be.

Dangerous Goods. In-store collection only, shipping not available.

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