BA Pen Kits (Rollerball - Upgrade Gold)

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Product Information

BA Pen kits (formally known as Baron II)

Price is for a BA Pen kit. Available in3 different platings all with the fountain pen and rollerball versions.

This classic pen kits has been revitalised with a flash 12 facet pen grip. The pen grip sparkles in the light and is a great improvement over the old 6 faceted kits. The pen features a Iridium Point Germany nib.

This pen kit is made in Taiwan to high specification especially for Timberbits. Timberbits is the only supplier of this improved 12 faceted version.

Tooling requirements

  • Bushing : Baron & Sedona (A0009)
  • Drill Bit:  25/64" (10mm) & 15/32" (11.9mm)
  • Refills:  Rollerball / Fountain Pen Catridge
  • Brass Tubes: Baron and Sedona (B006)
  • Instructions: Download here


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