Roman Harvest Rollerball (Gold Titanium With Bright Chrome Accents)

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Product Information

Roman Harvest Rollerball and Fountain Pen kits

Price is for a Roman Harvest Pen kit. Available in Rollerball and Fountain pen versions.

Plating is Gold Titanium with Rhodium Accents, Rhodium with Gold Titanium Accents or Rhodium with Black Titanium.

The fountain pen features a Iridium Point Germany nib.

Sterling silver is now rarely used in pen making. Sterling silver is an extremely cheap metal plating compared to Rhodium. Sterling silver is less that a $30 an ounce compared to over $6,000 an ounce for Rhodium. Sterling silver is getting used less and less as a pen plating because sterling silver will tarnish over time. Rhodium will not tarnish over time.

This pen kits is made from solid brass pieces. The only plastic bit used in this kits is for the female thread in the cap. It is necessary to use the nylon thread because it helps the lid secure the pen in place. A metal on metal thread will result in the plating wearing away very quickly.

This pen kit is made in Taiwan to high specification especially for Timberbits.

Tooling requirements

  • Bushing :  Medium (A0139)
  • Drill Bit:  31/64" (12.3mm) & 33/64 (13.1mm)"
  • Refills: Rollerball / Fountain Pen Catridge
  • Brass Tubes: Medium (A0140)
  • Instructions: Download here

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