Blingless Harvest (Gold Titanium Fountian Pen)

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Product Information

Blingless Harvest Pen Kits.

Bring you pen turning to the next level with these Blingless Harvest Pen Kits.These kits are the Roman Harvest pen kits without all the bling (engraved accents). 

You will need to turn and make the accents (in pink) on your own. They do not come as part of the kit.

This Kit is not suitable for the in-experienced or impatient turner. Pushing past the standard turning experience you can really make a difference in the overall look and feel of the pen.

If you need instructions for these kits - please don't purchase them. There are no instructions for these pen kits, challange yourself and push past the normal turning experience. Hard to turn and make, but end result is woth the pain.

This pen kit is made in Taiwan to high specification exclusively for Timberbits.

This pen kits is made from solid brass pieces. The only plastic bit used in this kits is for the female thread in the cap. It is necessary to use the nylon thread because it helps the lid secure the pen in place. A metal on metal thread will result in the plating wearing away very quickly.

Tooling requirements

  • Bushing :  Medium (A0139)
  • Drill Bit:  31/64" (12.3mm) & 33/64" (13.1mm)
  • Refills: Rollerball / Fountain Pen Catridge
  • Brass Tubes: Medium (A0140)
  • Instructions: No instructions available.


Please note: the pink accents in the image are not part of the kit.  This is an example of what can be achieved with the kit.

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