Casteller Pen Kit [Plating: Upgrade Gold]

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Product Information

Castellar Pen Kit (JR Gent II)

Price is for a Castellar Pen kit (JR Gent II). Available in 2 different platings all with the fountain pen and rollerball versions.

This pen kit is made in Taiwan to high specification especially for Timberbits.

Tooling requirements

Bushing : Castellar (A0275)
Drill Bit: 10.5mm and 12.5mm
Refills: Rollerball / Fountain Pen Catridge
Brass Tubes: Castellar (A0276)

Instructions: Download here


  • Brass Tube - Long. ID (Internal Diameter):9.73mm, OD (Outside Diameter):10.2mm, Length:53.30mm
  • Brass Tube - Short. ID:11.80mm, OD:12.35mm, Length 48.15
  • Diameters at the fittings.
  • End Cap (Clip Side):14.40mm
  • Centre Band:14.40mm
  • Nib:13.05mm
  • End Cap:12.25mm