It's the festive season so I have a few days of rest and relaxation. What better way to spend it than in the workshop cutting up timber.

I was give a piece of African Olive that was salvaged by the Western Sydney Woodturner. The salvaged piece was a piece of buttress that came from the Governor's Residence at Lady Macquarie's Chair just off Sydney Harbour.

The piece I started off with weighed about 15kg and painted all green to prevent any cracking.

Putting through the first few cuts was like opening a child's colouring book. The grain and patterns in there was simply amazing.

Its now all sliced into box sides and box lids. All racked up and slowly air drying. Cut in December 2012, I probably won't get started on turning them into boxes until November or December next year.

Hope you like the timber as much as I do.

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