We brought in the new Baron II Rollerballs with the new 12 facet pen grips because we thought they were a great improvement over the old 3 facet Barons.  Numerous customer feedback has proven this to be the case. A natural follow on from the success of the Rollerballs is to introduce a Fountain pen version.

The old Barons had a 3 facet pen grip for the rollerballs and a round pen grip for the fountain pen versions. Pen makers use to be frustrated with the fact that the two versions didn't have the same grip. The 2 pens simply gave out different appearances when shown side by side. Pen makers who tried to sell the two pens together had a difficult time convincing the customers that they were a match pair.

Timberbits has solved this problem with these pen kits. Now the Barron II rollerball and fountain pens have the same 12 facet pen grips.

I know it has been a while, we ordered the pens from the factory back in February, but the shipment was held up by the fountain nib manufacturers in Germany and the also the piston cartridge converters.

The nib has a very smooth action, an absolute delight to write with. The piston cartridge converters are also a highlight. The converters, rather being of plastic appearance, has been plated with chrome or gold to match the plating of the pens. You will really see a difference once you see them in person.

The fountain pens comes in 3 platings, upgrade gold, chrome and gold titanium. They are priced the same as the rollerballs - we are the lowest priced sellers of the Barons in Australia if not the world.

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