This is a Cross cut Zebrano pen blank and Baron II Chrome pen kits.

The cross cut Zebrano is tricky to turn because it has a habit of blowing or chipping out on you if your too aggressive with your turning or if your tools are not razor sharp. When turning the x-cut, I keep my lathe spinning at about 1,500 rpm and I use a modified 1/4" spindle gouge to take very fine - hair thickness cuts.

The Zebrano blanks shimmers and changes tones when you rotate the pen in the light. The I am finding commercial success with this combination of the baron pen kits and the x-cut Zebrano pen blanks. The ladies think its a good present for the other half.

The pen blank was sanded down to 400 grit sandpaper, 20 thin coats of CA was then applied as a finish. After the 20 coats of CA, it was then further sanded to 12,000 grit micro mesh before a final buff with Brasso. A thin layer of automotive wax was applied to help protect the CA finish.

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