When I first started making pens I was always frustrated by the fact that we didn't have any pen kits specially designed for the Australian market. Putting Australian timbers on the pen kits was always a selling point for the pens that was sold at the timber galleries. Yes they were hand turned on a wood lathe and no duplicating machines were used, Australian Timbers was always used, but to the tourist and people buying pens to bring overseas - there was no distinguishing features to the layman that these were Australian. The only options available was a slimline with the Australia clip - an option that didn't suit everyone's taste.

Having the opportunity to work with the pen kit manufacturers in Taiwan, I wanted to bring a new level of pen kits specially designed for the Australian market place.

What we came up with was this Australiana Elegant Beauty. Southern cross on the end cap and the Golden Wattle on the centre band.

Since introducing this range in the galleries, the feed back that I get from the gallery owners is that if they are properly displayed in the galleries, they will almost always out sell any other pens in the gallery.

This particular pen is a dual plated pen, parts of the pen is plated in Gold Titanium and other parts are plated in Black Titanium. Both these platings are vary durable and hard wearing - they are premium platings used in very expensive brand named pens.

Because we worked with the manufacturers and supplied them will all the necessary drawing and designs for this pen, we are the world's only importer of these Australiana Elegant Beauties.

Introduce these kits into the your line of pens for sale and watch how quickly they sell.

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