When I am making furniture, I always end up with lots of scrap pieces of timber left over from the project.

I neatly file them away and hopefully one day I can use them on another project. Pen blanks is the obvious candidate for scraps but there are only so many pens that I can turn - current count 15,000+.

This means I always on the hunt to make smaller pieces (other than pens - every relative has now got at least 2 of my pens) that I can sell or give away.

This sushi tray is a perfect project where we can use these scrap pieces and turn them into something special.

In this project we cover how I make these Sushi trays.

The plans can be downloaded here.

This video shows all the steps that I go through to make the tray.

Hope you like the video - as always, comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

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